GAZA for the Well-Intentioned, Semi-Informed Layperson

Reading is hard sometimes. Reading about the news is even harder, given the fact that it’s usually soul-crushingly depressing.

Unfortunately that doesn’t make either any less important, so in a bold attempt to turn every well-intentioned, uninformed American into a mobilized, informed voter, I present to you: News For The Well-Intentioned, Semi-Informed Layperson


Good Golly, Good Gaza

A Summary:

A lot of people have a lot of opinions on Gaza right now, which is one of the many places people could be talking about when you hear them say “the trouble in the Middle East.”

Some quick background: Israel, a place roughly the size of Illinois, was formed in 1948 and the Brits who controlled it at the time promised it to both the resident Arabs and the Jewish immigrants, creating a border situation that looks like a Jewish nation with two pockets of land inside its borders being sanctioned off as Palestinian territories/independent states (the terminology changes on who you’re talking to and what they believe politically).

It looks like this:


So because no one consulted anyone with common sense when enacting this IRL Sim World plan, there has been near-constant fighting ever since.

While religious differences and border definitions are central issues, this current situation is about “the very unpleasant Israeli-Palestinian coexistence, in which Israel has put the Palestinians under suffocating military occupation and Palestinian militant groups terrorize Israelis.” Hamas, that other name you keep hearing a lot, is the name of the main militant group, which is internationally recognized as a terrorist group.

A Summary Of That Summary:

Israel, a Jewish country, is bombing the shit out of Gaza, a Palestinian territory inside its borders because of the terrorist group Hamas’ violent presence there.

In One Tweet:

(this is apparently the main guy from One Direction, so you know this issue is important)

A Reasonable Opinion To Have:

No matter what side you are on, continued violence is only going to lead to more violence, meaning the bombing of Gaza needs to stop ASAP. Accountability is important, but human lives should be the first priority.

What You Could Say To Sound Extra Smart:

We receive a lot of our news through curated social networks which automatically filter out content that it doesn’t think we’re interested in. When it comes to divisive issues like this, that becomes a problem because we began surrounding ourselves in information bubbles that don’t show the whole story.

A More In-Depth Article That’s Still Easy To Understand:

BBC to the rescue.
Originally posted on The Daily Banter on August 18, 2014